Ski school in Pinzolo - Private ski lessons
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Ski school in Pinzolo: private ski lessons

Individual lessons are a great way to learn and practice with master concepts and exercises have already been tested with the group.
It will be an opportunity for those who feel maybe a little 'uncertain, both for the skier who instead has a great desire to learn and do not want to wait, both for those who are already good at and want to improve their skills!

Ski school in Pinzolo: CHILDREN ... and ski

The recommended age is from 4 and over even though you can not exclude some personal variations, such as the weight, the height, quality psychomotor and previous activities, that will get you started even before.
It 'very important to know that skiing is an action sports, even when its premises seem a game!
In reality the ski is a set of technical gestures, presented in a pleasant and attractive.
By qualified teachers, we ensure that the child feels protected and pampered by a friend who is formidable and will be his “Ski instructor” forever!!!
E’ he and ensure it is accurate motor , the finalization of gestures, error correction.
What predisposes a child, but also an adult, learning, and then to the practice of a sport, and the “first mover”, ie the motive, the personal need to act.
The ski instructor, which it is a technical but also a connoisseur of the human soul, the ability to identify and explain professionally the interests and objectives suited to each, dosing systems and methods to psychology to the situation at hand.

ADULTS ... and ski

Young age, even better childhood, It is the most suitable time for learning. Everything helps: competitive spirit, physical elasticity, emulation, unwillingness to repetitiveness. The adult already has stiffer but there is a remedy at all, that is called “motivation”!!!
When it is perfectly understood the technical concept, help to easily reach the highest goals also the desire to be equal friend “better”, imitation of the master or a challenge with yourself.
Other motivations are added: stay together, play, open to knowledge interesting, discover new movements, tailored to its own characteristics.
The ski instructor is able to follow very well adults who require corrections of technical defects, to eliminate automatic wrong.